Ioscom deploys SECURE IT ENVIRONMENTS by designing and integrating systems that

  • offer protection at both the Edge Point and at the End Points of the organisation
  • enable Encryption solutions, Document signing, Authentication solutions and Key management Solutions providing a SAFE & TOTALLY SECURE DATA ENVIRONMENT.
We deploy Firewall systems that are graded at the Highest Level (EAL 4+) by the Network Security EPL (Evaluated Product List). These systems meet US DITSCAP (certification and accreditation process for all United States Department of Defense (DoD) installations) accreditation requirements, maintaining the accredited security posture throughout the system life cycle and subsequently ensuring the protection of your Information Infrastructure.

We offer robust and simple to manage authentication and access solutions and our e-security systems ensure the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of data and documents


Power to SECURE the Enterprise

Ioscom provides complete end-to-end protection for your entire network. The introduction of forti OS 5 has made the fastest firewall the most powerful security operating system in the world. We install the fastest firewalls

  • for SMB's
  • for the Enterprise and
  • for Cloud Security.


Our Digital time-stamping solutions permit our clients to present a legal signature and audit trail of information and data of document files.

We offer future-proof cryptographic services safeguarding clients’ encryption and digital signing keys and processing sensitive data on trusted appliances