Ioscom’s Virtualisation solutions lower costs, improve agility and increase flexibility. We build solutions using server virtualisation technology from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware. Our great experience and technical expertise allows us to plan, design and deploy a complete and tailored solution for our customers.

Our offerings include solutions to manage virtual machines through their complete lifecycle, as well as Private Cloud solutions. We also offer virtual infrastructure as a cloud service using our Partner’s Infrastructure as a Service solution.

Experience a smooth transition from physical to virtual to your optimal infrastructure with our specialised virtualization services. From assessment to implementation to management, our experienced professionals will provide the platform to achieve your targets. 

With Virtualisation we can:

  • Migrate physical servers over to virtual machines and consolidating them onto far fewer physical servers resulting to lowering monthly power and cooling costs.
  • Consolidate servers reducing the overall footprint of the entire data centre - far fewer servers, less networking gear, a smaller number of racks needed,
  • easily build out a self-contained lab or test environment, operating on its own isolated network.
  • promote elastic capacity to provide system provisioning and deployment at a moment's notice.
  • encapsulate Applications and its environment, thereby extending its life and maintaining uptime
  • abstract away the underlying hardware, and help prepare for a move into the cloud.