THIN out your Costs

At Ioscom we design, configure and implement Thin Client solutions  to satisfy your current business needs and requirements whilst taking into account long term IT and Financial volatility.

Thin clients do not have a general purpose CPU, local data storage or application operating systems, resulting in ultra-secure and easy to manage clients that do not require regular updates or patches.  Our Thin Client solutions

  • enable Rapid Application Deployment and Management
  • can leverage existing investments in hardware and software
  • eliminate capital cost of upgrading PC’s every 2 -3 years
  • support a wide range of applications, Windows based or not
  • may require no changes to applications or client hardware
  • prevent end users from tampering client OS or updating desktop applications by themselves
  • ensure consistency amongst end users of the client application set Version/Release levels
  • eliminate critical data loss at the client. Typically a fix for one client's problem equals a fix for all – Test and deploy!