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Designing and providing market leading technology solutions across a wide range of industries throughout Australia and Asia Pacific  


Ioscom offers full service network integration and support.

 We Plan, Design, Deploy and Optimise IT Networks taking into consideration all aspects of your existing environment and developing the right solution to fit your needs.

Our solutions provide LAN, WAN and wireless connectivity between people, locations and systems both inside and outside your organisation. It delivers data, voice and video services on a network that is designed to be effectively monitored and managed in order to meet service levels, including WAN optimisation services to minimise costs and load balancing to improve service levels.

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Ioscom deploys SECURE IT ENVIRONMENTS by designing and integrating systems that

  • offer protection at both the Edge Point and at the End Points of the organisation
  • enable Encryption solutions, Document signing, Authentication solutions and Key management Solutions providing a SAFE & TOTALLY SECURE DATA ENVIRONMENT.

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Whether building a private cloud or bying cloud services Ioscom can help.

  • Private clouds are about IT flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. Maximize the benefits by building your private cloud with advanced storage and data management technologies
  • Drive business agility and IT efficiency while preserving capital and administrative resources. Augment your private cloud with enterprise class cloud services from Ioscom service providers. 

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Ioscom’s Virtualisation solutions lower costs, improve agility and increase flexibility. We build solutions using server virtualisation technology from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware. Our great experience and technical expertise allows us to plan, design and deploy a complete and tailored solution for our customers.

Our offerings include solutions to manage virtual machines through their complete lifecycle, as well as Private Cloud solutions. We also offer virtual infrastructure as a cloud service using our Partner’s Infrastructure as a Service solution.

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Latest Industry News

Amazon Web Services option gives easier entry to SAP's HANA

Fri, 08 Mar 2013 14:27:32 -0800

SAP's HANA in-memory database has become the centerpiece of the software vendor's technology strategy, both for high-speed analytics and in support of transactional applications like its flagship Business Suite. But HANA, when sold in its appliance form, can fetch a steep price tag.

Google needs to be more like Apple to keep users safe

Fri, 08 Mar 2013 13:13:44 -0800

An Android malware developer is paying $100 for verified Google Play developer accounts, purportedly to more effectively flood the Android ecosystem with malicious code masked as legit applications.

Pwn2Own hacking contest winds down after paying a record $480K

Fri, 08 Mar 2013 11:14:53 -0800

A day after researchers hacked Chrome and Firefox at the Pwn2Own contest, Google and Mozilla patched their browsers Thursday. The contest also wound down yesterday after hackers had earned a record $480,000 over two days.

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